Honey B is a California artist with a positive approach and a Caribbean twist.  She spent over a decade in the West Indies where "country life" and island culture made a deep impression on her ideals and musicality. Her reggae flavored vocals, delivered in what's known as a "singjay" style, offer a fresh and futuristic sound with a respectful nod to Jamaica's musical pioneers.


Honey B has cultivated an ever expanding fan base with her performances at venues and festivals that span from California's coastline to the foothills, and stretch from Chico to San Diego. Lyrics with substance and truth conveyed in a spirit of fun have become her distinctive hallmark. Honey B's vision of uplifting and unifying people through music and entertainment is the central element of her high-energy purpose.


Honey B has shared the stage and collaborated with artists including Cocoa Tea, Wailing Souls, Iba Mahr, Prezident Brown, Prof-i Reynolds, Kulcha Knox, Sammy Dread, Junior Demus, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Itaweh, Peppery, Dubtonic Kru, Illuminati Congo, Pato Banton, Lee Tafari, Iqualah, Little Twitch, Raskahuele, Isaac Faith, Ras Ijah, Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet, Ark Aingel, Junior Toots, Kava Jah, Triple Tree, Ras Rebel, Real One, Razorblade, Bas360, Winstrong, Massive Delicious, Arawak Indian, BROke the Emcee, Paul Willis, One Leg Chuck, Lucy Morningstar, Sandpaypa, Ione Angeles, Pacific Roots, Lacy Redhead, Two Peace, Roots Man Project, The Storytellers, One Dollar Check, Michael Ray, and World's Finest.